Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Wheels Are Fun

Two Wheels are Better Than Four

It was such a great day today. Luckily I have a motorcycle and got the chance to enjoy the nice weather while cruising down the highway, well at least until it starting raining. The freedom of being on the ride with no worries and just hearing the motor of the beast roaring down the freeway. Feeling the wind blow through my hair and the sun beat down on my skin is the best feeling. Some people have a passion for running or fast cars, maybe jacked up trucks but mine is the thrill of being on the open road with only two wheels on the ground. A couple reasons why motorcycles are awesome, besides the simple feeling of the outside air are that they are efficient. Most cycles get much better gas mileage than the average car. Saving money is always best! Typically, if you look in the right places and are not to particular you will find bikes for cheaper as well. If you have never been on two wheels then you may not understand, but I definitely recommend it!

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  1. I am petrified of motorcycles! The thought of being out in the open air with no protection around me is the deal breaker for me! I need that extra added protection a car gives me, maybe it's a mental thing but I'll stick with it! Good luck and enjoy your bike!